About Us

It’s about family and traditions.  The process of boiling sap to produce maple syrup is an age-old tradition a kin to family and friends working side by side in the kitchen preparing a special holiday meal for that moment when everyone gathers at the table to enjoy the fellowship and love those special moments bring.  At Rum Creek Farms, we know how important those moments are and we strive to make sure every drop of our syrup is handled with the same love and care.

The operations at Rum Creek Farms wouldn’t be possible without family!  It all started with Curt Jones deciding to tap a few trees for fun and dragging his wife, Debra Jones, into it when he found he tapped too many trees and had to spend all night boiling the sap to keep up.  A couple years later Curt built an RO (Reverse Osmosis) machine to aid in the process and recruited his son Loren Jones to manage the RO process and help boil sap when needed.  As the desire to tap more grew, Curt, once again, jumped to a larger scale than anticipated and called his sister, Connie Stevens, and asked “Hey….you want to go snow shoeing?”  Of course, Connie’s reaction was “I have a feeling this isn’t a hiking expedition.”  Of course, she’s never one to back down from a challenge and with Connie, Loren, Deb, and Curt the first real season for Rum Creek Farms began with snow shoeing in three feet of snow, pulling sleds, and tapping trees.  Later that season our daughter Jessica and her husband Steve, Johannah and her husband Braden, and a good friend of the family Pete Clarkson (Braden’s Dad) joined in to help out.  It’s been quite the adventure so far and many hours of fun with the family!

Rum Creek Farms Maple Syrup

We at Rum Creek Farms continuously focus on producing our syrup at the highest quality possible so you can enjoy those special moments alone or with your families at home or the cabin.  Our syrup is 100% pure and we feel it is important to offer a product that is a healthy alternative with no preservatives or additives that are so common in today’s food products.  Please enjoy our product and may you and your families be blessed!