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Tapping the Sweet Flavor of Minnesota
Rum Creek Farms
It’s not the “Rum” in our name that makes this syrup taste so good!”
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About Us

It’s about family and traditions.  The process of boiling sap to produce maple syrup is an age-old tradition a kin to family and friends working side by side in the kitchen preparing a special holiday meal for that moment when everyone gathers at the table to enjoy the fellowship and love those special moments bring.  At Rum Creek Farms, we know how important those moments are and we strive to make sure every drop of our syrup is handled with the same love and care.

The operations at Rum Creek Farms wouldn’t be possible without family!  It all started with Curt Jones deciding…

Our Products

Rum Creek Farms Maple Syrup

100% Pure Maple Syrup

We at Rum Creek Farms continuously focus on producing our syrup at the highest quality possible so you can enjoy those special moments alone or with your families at home or the cabin.  Our syrup is 100% pure and we feel it is important to offer a product that is a healthy alternative with no preservatives or additives that are so common in today’s food products.  Please enjoy our product and may you and your families be blessed!


Rum Creek Farms
Rum Creek Farms
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